Our painters have 32 years’ experience.

Our painters have 32 years’ experience. We are known for our professional services offering you a full quote, colour consulting or colour matching if required, to meet all of your interior and exterior needs. We always start with preparing all surfaces by filling holes, fixing cracks and caulking where required to create the perfect base for your painting project.

We only use the most eco-friendly low VOC paints and products for your home.

No job is too big or small with Camelot Homes Painting.

Set Up

Your furniture should be placed in center of the room, our painting crew will cover it with a new clean plastic sheeting and all flooring is protected with drop cloths.



Our painting crew will fill any holes and cracks in your ceilings and walls and sand any necessary surfaces.



After all, surfaces are repaired, primed we will apply a premium-quality paint to create a beautiful finish.



Our painting crew will remove all their materials, and clean the flooring area.


After our own inspection, we will ask you to do a walk through with us to give you the opportunity to review our work and provide any feedback.