Camelot Homes is on the front cover of Business In Focus Magazine!

May 9, 2019

“Camelot Homes’ showcase accomplishment is a custom built marvel known as Music by the Sea. The one of a kind house clearly demonstrates the company’s advanced capabilities – along with its unique flair. Magnificent creations are around every corner. The banister of the grand staircase is a beautifully carved, full sized harp that morphs into a custom wrought iron railing depicting the ocean currents; seahorses hide within the front door detailing, their carefully carved tails wrapped artfully around a violin, aptly named “The Lost Stradivarius.” In the ceiling above the craftsman style den, muted light filters through a massive, Tiffany-style stained glass ceiling; perhaps most unexpected of all, there is not a single nail in the entire interior of the home. “It is attention to detail like this that really set us apart the most,” Dan Mcleod, owner of Camelot Homes, remarks. “A lot of people still can’t figure out how we did it. It is an unbelievable level of finish work. People just don’t do this kind of craftsmanship anymore.”