Letter of Recommendation / Testimonial

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of V.I.CAMELOT HOMES LTD (aka Camelot Homes -Dan McLeod, owner). Dan was the builder of our new, 1104 sq.ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, house in the  fall /winter of 2021/2022 located in the Wembley Crossing sub division, Parksville, BC.

I had no prior relationship with Dan/Camelot Homes. I invited Dan to bid on our new house project as the result of his signage on other homes he was building in Wembley Crossing at the time.

Building a new home  is inherently stressful, but building a new home during the peak of a  housing bubble (shortage of construction trades) plus the COVID 19 PANDEMIC, with all of the supply chain issues (lumber/plywood , trusses, windows and doors , appliances , plumbing fixtures) was especially nerve wracking. Dan’s experience, project management team (Dave), and excellent relationships with suppliers and trades proved to be absolutely invaluable.

We are extremely pleased with our new house!

Specifically, I would give Dan and his team  five stars in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism. The Wembley Crossing  subdivision was approved on the basis of having specifically sized houses and floor plans  built on many different sized lots .

Dan carefully reviewed the approved, stock, floor plan for our lot, and without changing the building footprint on the lot, made a number of material floor plan changes which dramatically improved the livability/utility of our house for our retiree, empty nester life style. This is where Dan really had a huge positive impact on the finished product. Experience and passion for one’s work is worth it’s weight in gold!

  1. Quality of Work Performed. The quality of the workmanship is first class.

During our many visits to the job site over what felt like a never ending winter, we came to know many of the trades and subcontractors personally. We were impressed by the knowledge, skill, competence and commitment displayed by the trades and subcontractors used by Dan. Only a miniscule amount of revision, remediation or call backs was required as a result of the professionalism we saw displayed.

  1. Responsiveness to Buyer’s Needs and  Concerns and Communicating .      Dan’s commitment to a homebuyer’s satisfaction was evident from the beginning. Listening to our needs, wants, desires and  discussing them in a candid, transparent  manner:
  • via ZOOM, negotiating  and signing  one of the biggest contracts my wife and I have ever signed without personally meeting the other party, and getting that feeling of mutual trust which face to face meetings facilitate,
  • what was possible in the budget and what was not ,
  • what was not stylish or trendy,
  • what were illogical or unreasonable requests ,
  • what and why delays were occurring,
  • what was and could be done to overcome delays and which were occurring and those which were just beyond his control. For example there were weather delays on exterior finishing, landscaping, etc.  . Dan expedited  all interior work to get us an Occupancy Permit ASAP to allow move in to start meet  “target “ completion dates,
  • update reports on inspection, completion and occupancy dates ,
  • Progress Draw  requests and supporting documentation,
  • timing of appointments with the  plumbing , countertop , cabinet , flooring , appliance  suppliers


  1.      Bottom line – We believe Dan delivered what we contracted for at the contract price and on as timely a basis as was humanly possible given the challenging environment which had to be overcome.


In closing, after almost a year enjoying our new house, we are extremely satisfied and impressed with Dan’s work as a builder. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found Dan McLeod and his team at CAMELOT HOMES.

We are writing this unsolicited letter of recommendation for Dan because we believe exceptional work and integrity should be recognized.

We would not hesitate to contract V.I.CAMELOT HOMES LTD. (Dan McLeod) again or to recommend them to my relatives, friends and neighbors.

If you have any questions about our experience with V.I. CAMELOT HOMES LTD., please feel free to email us at  pkvietinskas@shaw.ca.


Peter and Karen Kvietinskas,

Very happy homeowners