Built Green

Built Green British ColumbiaCamelot Homes has made a commitment to Built Green to construct and label 50% of all their homes to the Built Green standard per calendar year. Camelot Homes has surpassed their promise and has been constructing all their homes to Built Green standards including all renovations. Dan McLeod President and owner of Camelot Homes has successfully taken and maintained Built Green Builder training status since 2011. Camelot Homes was the first company on Vancouver Island to build to Built Green standards. Camelot constructed 51 Built Green single family homes in the Eaglewood Estates subdivision.

2013 BC’s Certified Green Builder of the Year!

Camelot Homes’ Music by the Sea project was singled out for its sustainability features as the 2013 department G Premier Rated Certified Home award winner. The custom-built home has an EnerGuide rating of 84 and received a platinum level rating on the Built Green® checklist. An older home on the property was completely recycled by being relocated for reuse elsewhere and 100 per cent of the new construction’s wood and metal waste materials were taken to a recycling centre. Almost all of the home’s materials and artwork were locally sourced, reducing shipping and fuel. The home lies within 50 yards of the ocean and its outdoor spaces were strategically placed to maximize natural light. The home has triple-glazed windows, an advanced HVAC system, and a high-efficiency heat pump. http://builtgreenca